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English Title: Action needed to encourage more Arab women scientists
Author/Creator: Sawahel, W.
Type of publication: Internet Publication
Bibliographic reference: Sawahel, W. 2012, ‘Action needed to encourage more Arab women scientists’ University World Online. Accessed on 02/O2/2013, Available at:
Abstract: The article discusses ways to encourage Arab women scientists. The rising number of Arab women graduating in science, in general, is not translating into more women scientists in the workplace. And despite their high proportions in undergraduate places, many do not pursue postgraduate research. While women perform well, it can be difficult for those wishing to pursue postgraduate study to do so, because of social, economic or family factors. Other initiatives needed to motivate women scientists to participate in the workforce include introducing policies such as parental leave and flexible working hours for female graduates and intensifying collaboration between industry and the growing ranks of female science undergraduates to bridge the gap between study and work. A further way to encourage qualified Arab women to pursue careers in science would be to highlight success stories among women scientists via conferences, workshops and industry events, and to give female graduates opportunities to engage with these successful women scientists at first hand. Mentoring and role-model initiatives should be enhanced. Besides, curriculum content needs a sharper focus on science, technology, mathematics and foreign languages whilst students need to get excited about science at an early age.
Original abstract of the author: No
Field of science: Science, mathematics and computing
Relation with Gender and Science topics: Underlying Causes and effects
Policies on Gender Equality
Geographical coverage: Algeria
Palestine-administered areas
Syrian Arab Republic
Time coverage: 2000s
Methodological approach: Conceptual
Website address:
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