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English Title: The domestic burden of Syrian women
Author/Creator: Kaled, A.
Type of publication: Journal Article
Bibliographic reference: Kaled, A. & Akl-Ali, I. 2009, ‘The Domestic Burden of Syrian Women’, Journal of Tishreen University, vol. 3, no. 27
Bibliographic reference (Arabic): خالد أحمد وابراهيم العلي 2009 الأعباء المنزلية التي تتحملها المرأة السورية مجلة بحوث جامعة تشرين العدد 3 والمجلد 27
Abstract: The research studies the problem of measuring the domestic burden upon woman in general, and working women in particular due to the lack of services that help for time saving, easing the workload, and providing for different domestic needs. Most women bear the burden of house work. They take care of the children and take care of the household’s needs, alone. Some of them also have productive jobs inside the house, or some kind of employment outside the house to get a limited salary that supports the family’s income and makes life more comfortable. The main research findings are as follows: 1- The volume of the domestic burden is equal to the volume of her work outside the house. 2- There is no difference between working and nonworking women. 3- The level of education does not affect the women’s average time spent on housework. 4- Most nonworking women do not want to work outside the house. 5- Women find it difficult to balance work outside the house with the house work. 6- Women’s salaries contribute to improving the standard of living of the family.
Original abstract of the author: No
Field of science: All/General
Relation with Gender and Science topics: Underlying Causes and effects
Geographical coverage: Syrian Arab Republic
Time coverage: 2000s
Methodological approach: Empirical research. Qualitative techniques
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