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English Title: Attitudes towards women who work in Egypt
Author/Creator: Mostafa, M.
Type of publication: Journal Article
Bibliographic reference: Mostafa, M. 2003, ‘Attitudes towards women who work in Egypt’, Women In Management Review, vol. 18, no. 5, pp. 252-266
Abstract: This study investigates Egyptian society’s attitudes towards women who work held by a sample of 217 participants. The subjects completed the newly developed multidimensional aversion to women who work scale (MAWWWS). The study validates the scale in a non-western context. The results reveal that, contrary to our expectation, Egyptian students have very similar attitudes towards women who work to those of the older generations. There are significant differences between males’ and females’ perceptions towards women’s roles and participation in society. The study predicts that modernity may diminish patriarchal attitudes towards women in Arab societies. Finally, the study detects no significant difference between Muslims and non-Muslims in Egypt regarding their attitudes towards women who work.
Original abstract of the author: Yes
Field of science: All/General
Relation with Gender and Science topics: Underlying Causes and effects
Geographical coverage: Egypt
Time coverage: 2000s
Methodological approach: Empirical research. Quantitive techniques
Identifier: ISSN: 0964-9425
Website address: 10.1108/09649420310485096
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