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English Title: An analysis of gender status on both institutional and legislative levels in public sphere
Author/Creator: Dababneh, A.
Al-Awawdeh, A.
AL- Adayleh, L.
Type of publication: Journal Article
Bibliographic reference: Dababneh, A., Al-Awawdeh, A. & AL- Adayleh, L. 2012, ‘An analysis of gender status on both institutional and legislative levels in public sphere’, Jordanian Journal in Law and Political Sciences, vol. 2, no.2, pp. 139-164
Abstract: This study aims at shedding light on the current status of gender mainstreaming in the Jordanian Ministry of Labor within the ministry as an institution and throughout legislation. In order to achieve its goal, the study used the qualitative research method by conducting in-depth interviews with a number of male and female employees in the ministry and its related departments in the Kingdom's different governorates to represent the three districts (north, middle, and south). The number of male and female respondents who were selected using the stratified purposive sampling technique was 30. Moreover, the content analysis method was used for the purpose of studying and analyzing a group of laws that are implemented in the ministry . The study concluded that the ministry has a clear tendency to increase the female representation in different job positions in terms of quantity and quality. It also concluded that there is no gender-based discrimination in the field of appointment, nor in forming committees specialized in conducting interviews for the selection process. The ministry also worked on challenging the stereotypical image of women's work through finding them new job opportunities that were exclusive to men, such as inspection. It was widely thought that a woman who occupies a decision-making position is serious and professional. On the other hand, the study revealed that there are no clear standards for offering rewards to motivate in the ministry and its departments.
Original abstract of the author: Yes
Field of science: All/General
Relation with Gender and Science topics: Policies on Gender Equality
Geographical coverage: Jordan
Time coverage: 2000s
Methodological approach: Empirical research. Qualitative techniques
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