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English Title: Directory of Moroccan women
Author/Creator: Abdelhaq, M.
Type of publication: Book
Bibliographic reference: Abdelhaq, M. 1993, Dalil al Mar'a al Maghribiyya, Imprimerie Al Maarif Al Jadida, Rabat
Abstract: The Directory of Moroccan Women written in Arabic is a rich source of information about women in Morocco. This book has the merit of having identified all the areas in which Moroccan women stood out in history (since the time of Kahina through periods of Almoravid, Almohad, etc. until today). The author identifies not only the scientific achievements of women but also relevant women’s activities in other fields, from literary production to sport perfomance. It is essential to emphasize from the outset that although the book provides accurate data, it does not include all the research done by women. Of the 1,500 questionnaires sent to various university bodies, only 1,080 responses were received. However, this information is an undeniable contribution, and it remains of paramount importance as regards women in Morocco.
Original abstract of the author: No
Field of science: All/General
Relation with Gender and Science topics: Horizontal Segregation
Vertical Segregation
Geographical coverage: Morocco
Time coverage: 1990s
Methodological approach: Conceptual
Empirical research. Qualitative techniques
Identifier: ISSN: 1123
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